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From Katy

Welcome to our new look February  edition of Go Local, the first edition of 2021. We are in a very fast moving, ever changing period of time. As I type we are in the middle of lockdown, the vaccine roll out is in progress and I am currently laid up in bed after back surgery and under strict instructions to either lie, walk or stand - so I chose to write this in a horizontal position! 


In this edition we have a social history piece by Dave Roberts, something to get the brain in 'gear' with a motoring quiz, a lovely article on reflection by our writer Jodie Woodbridge, The Go Local meets the family behind Il Padrino Claire and Alberto and as if we planned it - our local history article from Julie Smalley is all about the history of 'going out' in Middlewich! I would love it if this edition of The Go Local could be a little calm in the madness, so please enjoy looking through.


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