Back To Reality...

This time five years ago I was in Turkey. Facebook Moments has told me so. Today I am working from home after a rubbish night’s sleep as my 3 year old woke up at 4.30am hearing the wind and rain and my other half snores like a freight train and gets up at 5.30am for an early train to London. But schools are back which means my little man is at nursery full time, 9-3pm every day! In between payroll spreadsheets, credit card reconciliations I get no more calls of ‘clean my bum please!’ Finally, on my work from home day, I get my head down.

But I find my mind wandering, that ‘Facebook Moments’ picture was us before the little guy came along. Ahhh a holiday in September those were the days! But then I hope he has managed to open his lunch bag ok, the zip was a bit stiff and navigate that dodgy lunchbox lid…

We spend the summer complaining about how the holidays are so long (back in NI it’s 9 weeks!) and then once September hits we remember all the other things we would have loved to do over the break.

The house is too quiet now without the little guy doing some ‘crashing and bashing’ with his cars and I keep looking at the clock willing it on to 2.45 so I can go pick him up.

Time goes too fast and our kids are up and away too soon, but still it is nice to have the house tidy for more than 15 minutes. The first week of term is a strange one filled with new routine, new shoes and lost new PE kits. New bus journeys, new teachers, new lessons. But it is also a time for new beginnings, new friends, new opportunities and not just for our kids. We get time for new jobs, new challenges, new relationships with the babies still at home who are now loving having mummy all to themselves for a few hours!

Half term will not be long coming round, filled with sweets and pumpkins, so let’s look ahead for some fun time off, and make some more Facebook Moments for us to look back on. In a few years time we will be looking back again wondering where did the time go!

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