Beating the Distraction of Shiny Pennies

In the excitement of being and entrepreneur, we tend to enjoy the start of something when it is new and full of ideas and possibilities. But building one half of a series of bridges will never get you to the other side.

When the project or activity gets harder, we give up as it is more boring and task driven, especially if another shiny penny is dangling and then we jump into another project so we can find the fun again.

Yet starting a whole series of projects that never get completed is not going to give you anything to show for your hard work. If anything, it will distract from your main business purpose and waste time and resources. It requires an incredible amount of discipline and self-control to stay focused and on task.

One way to beat the trend is to have a working team round you that include developers and finishers – task driven people. Is your next idea going to drive you towards your 5 or 10 year business plan or just be a distraction? Do you have people who will tell you the truth as you come up with new ideas?

The rewards are worth it of completing that project. Get an accountability partner if you need to. If you are a one-man band, network and find someone that you admire for their achievements and get them as your accountability partner. Plan a reward at the end if it helps. Do whatever you have to in order to stop starting and start finishing.

Give yourself permission to take the next step toward your dream. With no apologies or excuses, just keep on moving forward.

PS The same can be true of home life. What projects have you got left in the cupboard?

Alison Roylance-White

The Chalis Partnership

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