Budding Junior Jurno?

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Are you a budding junior journalist? If so I would really love to hear from you. We would very much like to include articles in future editions of Go Local that have been written by school children and therefore viewed from their perspective.

The topics of the articles should be fairly neutral, but apart from that there is free reign, perhaps something along the lines of bullying at school, the pressures at exam time, socialising etc, etc. So please, no ranting and raving or banner waving. . . but if you think you have a topic that you consider ought to be included in the magazine, please email me your copy. Also please remember that if you have quoted something in your article as a fact, then you will need to be able to substantiate any facts that you may have quoted.

Please email me a Microsoft Word document, approximately 425-450 words in length, at david@golocalcheshire.com. Should your article be chosen for publication, then Go Local will gladly send you a payment of £10.

Are you that budding journo who is champing at the bit to get started, and also perhaps get noticed? Then here is a wonderful opportunity to do so.

David - Editior

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