Confidence, Commitment and Courage

The last quarter of the tax year is when we continue the momentum towards business goals and targets. Building on the work of 2018, working with customers and suppliers, it might have been a year of consolidation, launching new products or services, building new relationships and being more profitable to make for a healthier future.

This quarter will be different to many in that the “Brexit” factor will kick in. The news industry would have us on our knees, billions wiped off the stock and currency exchanges, mass unemployment etc. But what will happen, no one can truly say yet – hence confidence, commitment and courage.

Have the confidence in the products or services you offer. If you believe in it, and share that passion with others, they will too. As a nation we are great at referring in our everyday lives – shops, products, apps, places to eat. But if someone recommends something to us that they have not experienced, we are less likely to believe.

Have the confidence in yourself. You are good at what you do, or you would not be doing it. Build a strong mindset to reinforce what you believe in and it will pay dividends at work and in your private life. Invest in yourself whether it be in self-development books, courses, or developing greater product knowledge. Timing is key. There are hours of the day that are more productive than others. Make sure you maximise those hours to keep your business strong and avoid being busy but not active in your business.

Commitment shows through when we talk to people about what we do in business. If you are not committed to your product, service or company it shows. “I’ll try”- famous last words that usually mean it is not going to happen. If you run a staff team, have they bought in to your vision? Do you all sing from the same hymn sheet? Is it time to bring out the mission, vision and company values to see if everyone knows them? From the person answering the main phone line to accounts, are all ambassadors of your business. Support them to be as committed and understand where the business is going.

Have courage in yourself and the future. Whether Brexit gives us a rough ride, or it turns out to be a short squall, business will not stop. People still need to be fed and housed. We will still use products and services in our personal and business lives. We will still drive our cars, get on the bus, look at our apps, go to networking events and socialise with others. The world will not stop so surround yourself with positive people and statements, dial down the news and dial up achieving your goals.

Alison Roylance-White

The Chalis Partnership

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