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Is your garden looking tired after the winter? If so this is the perfect time to get it in shape for the summer. Here are my top 5 tips for jobs which need doing in the garden.

1 The most important job to do after the winter is to remove any remaining leaf fall, these are ideal to go onto a compost heap if you have one. When they have rotted down they make perfect mulch for spreading onto the borders.

2 Once you have got rid of all the remaining leaves it is time to weed and dig over your borders, adding compost, manure or mulch to encourage plant growth.

3 Late Spring is the best time to prune shrubs such as Lilac, Forsythia and Rhododendrons. It is important to prune shrubs and plants to remove dead and diseased stems and also to encourage plant growth. Pruning also gives you the opportunity to shape plants and shrubs.

4 Spring is a perfect time to start planting Summer blooming bulbs. The most popular summer bulbs are Gladioli, lily, Dahlia and Begonia. These will really give your garden some colour during the summer months.

5 It’s now time to get your lawn looking its best for the summer ahead. During the winter months Dandelions, Daisy’s, Clover and Moss may have grown through your grass. The best way to eradicate these is to firstly scarify the lawn. When you have done this it’s time for a Weed, Feed and Moss killer to be spread onto the lawn. You need to follow the instructions very carefully otherwise you can cause damage to your grass. The feed will also thicken up the grass and make it look greener. Wait for about 3-5 days after applying the treatment before you do your first mow!

We hope these tips will help you enjoy working in your garden this spring!

Aaron Coutts

Oakside Garden Services Ltd

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