Get your WHY out there...

More people now live in Cheshire East than ever before. The vast majority are moving from elsewhere in the UK but there is a small proportion moving in from abroad.

People are moving into Middlewich from around the country to be close to family, to be nearer to work or perhaps to be able to commute from a more rural setting. People are coming from abroad to work in our local warehouses. Our population over the next 20 years is anticipated to increase by around 15%. It feels like it will be more based on current house building activity.

People are living longer and more care homes and community living buildings are being developed right in our town centre. Looking at the broad industrial groups of employment in Cheshire East, retail and wholesaling come out on top followed by professional, scientific and technical, third comes health and social work with manufacturing fourth.

So how does this relate to Middlewich? Middlewich is recognised by economic reports* to have a shortage of jobs, in fact we have more people leaving Middlewich each day rather than working locally. Those jobs that are around are often not met by the skills and experience of people looking for employment. Our retail sector is diminishing as we continue to move online.

On the plus side, we have more self-employed people and business starts up than national and regional averages bringing new industry and ideas to our communities.

So how do we get through this time of uncertainty with Brexit and the impact it may or may not have? Not for the first time I say look to your neighbouring businesses. Build relationships locally and support each other locally.

How strong is your message being communicated? Start with telling people WHY you do what you do, not the what. It worked for Apple. Did we care WHAT they did, or were we just excited by their message, their passion to change our lives? If you think everyone knows why you are here, think again. If you think everyone around here knows you are even her – think again.

Get your why out there.

Get your passion out on show and just see where it takes you.

*Cheshire East Economic Profile, Cheshire East Council, (last updated, 30/8/18)

Alison Roylance-White

The Chalis Partnership

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