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More and more businesses are leaving behind the stress and expense of the city centre in favour of more rural locations, where they can find fantastic, value-for-money office space in gorgeous surroundings. There are many benefits to working in the countryside, and perhaps the Covid lockdowns and working from home in our lovely town of Middlewich have convinced you that you don’t want to go back to your old ways of a long commute, with clogged-up motorways, busy train car parks and stuffy trains.

I have been speaking to the owners of Holly House Estate in Cranage to find out what they have to offer. This family-run commercial estate has a range of unit sizes, whether you’re looking for an ideal starter office or a place to accommodate a growing business.

Holly House Farm has a fascinating history. Dating from 1846, the farm would have been an integral part of rural life in Victorian times. When Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837, over half of the population worked in the countryside, with a farm labourer earning around six shillings a week (30 pence).

During World War Two, the land was requisitioned by the Royal Air Force to provide airfields for the neighbouring RAF Cranage. The two spinsters living on the farm at the time spent the war surrounded by a fighter squadron.

Holly House Estate is beautiful; the owners take pride in the farm’s expansive flora and fauna. A lake nestles within a wildflower meadow, and more than two tonnes of daffodils are now breaking into full bloom. They have a commitment to supporting its natural habitat, and over 3,000 trees have been planted in recent years.

Having looked for office units myself in the past, I understand there are a few essential basics, and Holly House Estate ticks all the boxes, with state-of-the-art internet and telephone connectivity, ample free car parking, an accessible location close to motorway links, airports and amenities, and sizes of offices and light industrial units ranging from 1,000 to 7,500 sq ft.

Holly House Estate feels like a community; it is family run and there are other thriving enterprises on site, making it feel like the perfect place for a business to grow and develop as we move out of Covid and into a prosperous future.

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