Have you backed up . . ?

We keep lots of information on our laptops and computers – pictures, videos, important documents, the list goes on but what happens if your computer or laptop lets you down?

Laptops can get taken over by viruses that corrupt files and computers just die a natural death. No matter how fancy or pricey your equipment is, there are some elements that are bound to overpower it. What have you lost? Data? Money? Memories? Is there a price tag you put on what was lost?

Much of the time the data saved on your hard drive is recoverable, but not always! Some companies charge hundreds of pounds to recover data from a corrupt or damaged drive, but there are no guarantees. Having a recent backup of your computer may be the only way to ensure you don’t lose your precious photos and documents.

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and the latest version, Windows 10, all have built in backup functionality which can be configured to back up your important data. Its relatively inexpensive these days to either purchase an external USB hard drive or use cloud storage to do this.

Cloud storage is becoming more popular and many companies such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Flickr for Photos offer a certain amount of storage free. If you need more space they make a small charge, either monthly or annually, depending on the amount of storage you need. One of the advantages of online (cloud) backup solutions is that they are configured to immediately sync files as they are saved provided you are connected to the internet regularly.

If you prefer your data on a physical device, then an external USB hard drive is the answer. For about £40.00 you can buy 1TB (1000 gigabytes) external drive to use as your backup. This external drive simply plugs into your USB port on the laptop or computer which appears as an additional hard drive on your machine.

In general, it is better to backup files and folders that see most use. Here is a basic list of the most common folders and files to back up.

  • Documents

  • Emails

  • Music

  • Pictures

  • Videos

Please contact me for more information and advice regarding the best option for you.

Adam - Computers & Laptops

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