Katy virtually meets... Home Helping Angels

It’s now been nearly six months since the government announced the lockdown and as our community started to open up physically so did new opportunities.

Self-isolation had its downsides; some of us were struggling to sleep due to vivid coronavirus dreams, others were feeling as if they have no time to do anything despite doing nothing and some were struggling due to vulnerability, loneliness or employment prospects. Despite its gloomy appearance, lockdown has brought a positive change, too, as people have more time to do what they love, change their habits and explore new careers.

I meet virtually with local ladies Lanka and Vickie to find out their story.

Vickie was working in a busy doctor’s surgery, she experienced first-hand the impact lockdown had on the mental health of the vulnerable people in the community. In the early days, her surgery made calls to elderly patients to check on their well-being and to make sure they had the basics and had that all-important human contact with a neighbour or family member.

Lanka’s situation was slightly different, she worked in security and made cakes, unfortunately, Covid-19 nearly stopped her income overnight, if it wasn’t for a few cleaning jobs. These became Lanka’s lifeline in so many ways and she was able to keep this role up using all the correct procedures.

As lockdown became the ‘new normal’ Lanka’s clients would ask her for a little more support, perhaps walking their dog, doing some shopping or just a simple chat.

The friend’s talked about how their passion for caring for people could be turned into a business. Understandably, in an ideal world, I am sure they would like to do this for free but they have to be realistic and you could argue that people shouldn’t have to pay for services like this, however, we are all aware of the situation of local government funding and not everyone has family they can turn too.

One client would call Lanka her Angel, so they decided to call themselves Home Helping Angels.

More than a quarter of people have considered a change to their careers, relationship or home life during the pandemic, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Lanka and Vickie have plans to grow their business into a team, which they will call Angels. They both admit this business idea would not have come about if it wasn’t for Covid-19 and they look forward to helping as many people as they can in their new careers.


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