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Murgatroyd’s restoration year This year has really had its ups and downs. Like most people we are caught up in the Covid-19 situation, it’s really affected our restoration of Murgatroyd’s Brine Pumps and in some cases budget. We’ve gone from event planning for our official opening in April 2020 to virtual projects that reflect our progress and present a new website with archive images.

Middlewich Heritage Trust have released a new video produced, scripted, and voiced over by trust member Steve Broadfoot showing the construction and later history of the Murgatroyd’s Salt and Chemical Works at Elworth, south of Middlewich. www.middlewich-heritage.org.uk/murgatroyds-salt-and-chemical-works

This presentation uses archive material donated to Middlewich Heritage and digitised as part of the Murgatroyd Brine Pump Project. It replaced the Heritage Open Days, in view of the delayed work however, the site was not going to be ready to receive visitors anyway.

Our hard-working volunteers have been back on site, working within the restrictions, to complete works on vital elements of the project. While contractors continue to fit us in the backlog of work. We are now, finally, in the last stages of restoration and should be finished around the end of October.

Keep an eye on our website for progress www.middlewich-heritage.org.uk

Even though it’s been a tough year, we can finally see the brine pump project taking shape, from the jungle of plants and a makeshift door, we now have a building standing proud, re-roofed, new gantry, repointed and restored. The difference is something everyone involved should be proud of and I’m especially looking forward to welcoming visitors on site from April 2021.

Middlewich Heritage Trust


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