#Middlewich - Just say YES!

Today I have pledged to run a marathon. Those that know me well, know I’m part of the running group RunMiddlewich. But I don’t really like running, not that much, until the end of the race actually, then I love it and sign up to another.

But for me 10km was always enough. Then I met Our Glen, aka Cancer Dude.

Long story short, he got a last minute place in the Middlewich 5km and planned to walk it with his kids. He had just had bowel cancer surgery, literally, the guy was still packing a wound daily....and had to wear a number with the name Michael on it as he had the number of a cancellation. Local paper did an article which featured his pics so I thought I would post a copy assuming he lived outside the area. Turns out he lives locally (in fact I probably stalked a few of his neighbours houses in my house hunting expeditions) so I went round with a copy of said paper.

Well it was like meeting an old friend, an old friend who can talk me into doing things of which I should know better. How could I not want to do a marathon with the likes of Glen beside me.

So this weekend starts Operation Running Plan. How hard can this be? Tens of thousands of crazy people do it in cities all over the world. Surely I can make it to run round a major city for the day. Can’t I??? You will be able to follow the progress or lack of it on my Instagram and Twitter too.

I do believe this means a trip to the Nike shop mind you for some nice new running gear...silver linings and all that! Gulp!


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