Middlewich Memories - Introduction

I’ve been wondering for quite a while if there might be interest in a personal view of Middlewich and the many changes which have happened here over almost seventy years.

Now, completely out of the blue, Go Local has offered me the chance to find out.

‘Middlewich Memories’ will be exactly what the title implies - reminiscences of a lifetime spent in this unique and, to me, endlessly fascinating part of the world.

Seddon’s Salt Works Brooks Lane, circa. 1969

This series won’t be another re-telling of the history of our town. We’ll leave that to the always excellent Julie Smalley who has been enlightening us on the subject in this magazine for many years. Those who wish to delve further into the long story of Middlewich can find out more in the works of local historian Allan Earl, who was, many years ago, one of my work colleagues at Middlewich UDC.

I’ll be looking at how Middlewich has changed over the decades from scruffy, smoky industrial salt town in the 1950s to the largely residential Middlewich of today, remembering some of the people and places I’ve known over the years, looking at long-lost buildings, institutions and industries and considering just how and why Middlewich has become the place it is in the 21st Century.

I’ll also be remembering some of the characters I’ve known over the years and recounting some of their exploits. Everyone has a story to tell and this town has always been full of memorable people who deserve to be commemorated.

Over the years I’ve been involved in many aspects of the town; as mentioned, I have worked for the Middlewich UDC, was one of the founders of the Heritage Society and publicity officer for the Folk & Boat Festival; I have been chairman of the Rail Link Campaign and editor of The Middlewich Diary. I was even, for a regrettably short time, Middlewich’s first Community Mayor.

I hope you’ll join me here each month and enjoy reading these Middlewich Memories as much as I know I’m going to enjoy writing them. Because there’s a lot more to Middlewich than you may think.

Dave Roberts

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