PCSO Report

My name is Tony Lamon and I am one of the local PCSOs for Middlewich.

The run up to Christmas makes December a busy month for us. We have enjoyed attending the various community events that have taken place and the associated school activities.

Christmas can also bring with it an increased element of criminality though, for this reason we increased our patrols around Middlewich and the surrounding areas. This not only deters criminality but also provides reassurance. We have also been conducting visits to the more vulnerable people in our community and ensuring their needs are met. Whether it be to drop off purse bells to deter pick pockets or to check shed locks or gates to provide that extra level of security.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask residents to keep an eye on their elderly neighbours and maybe even pop by from time to time. We have had a slight increase in door step crime. Rouge traders can be unscrupulous individuals so please don’t feel pressured into purchasing items on your doorstep and please ask for valid identification.

We are looking to adopt a nominated neighbour scheme for those that are elderly or vulnerable. The scheme works by advertising a neighbour’s house number so that checks can be made to verify the identity of a caller to an address. There will be contact details provided should you wish further information.

Speeding has also been mentioned at our various beat meetings, various tools are at our disposal to address the problem. For operational reasons, these cannot be disclosed, along with dates and times but please monitor our social media platforms for further updates.

@cheshirepolice on Twitter

Cheshire Police on Facebook

Finally, should you see my colleague or I around Middlewich, feel free to stop and talk to us. However, our contact details are listed below should you wish to contact us more discreetly.

For non-emergencies or to report an incident please call 101

Anthony.lamon21609@cheshire.pnn.police.uk or


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