PCSO Report - April 2019

We here at Middlewich Police would like to reiterate what has previously been said regarding moving forward as a community. We want to hear from our local community about what we can do to better understand the needs and wants for Middlewich. If you have opportunity, please come along to our beat meetings held at Middlewich Police station.

Information is still being collated regarding suspicious activity in certain areas in Middlewich. We believe that this behavior could be drug related. Any and all information that is passed to us is actioned and is processed to enable us to build a bigger picture in terms of ways to tackle this issue.

We have set a target to conduct traffic related enforcement in the Middlewich area. We have had reports from locals expressing concerns over speeding, parking, weight restrictions and contravening one way systems. In response to this, we are continuing to conduct TruCam in specific areas where speeding has been raised as a concern. A lot of issues have been raised around parking around schools both drop off and pick up times. As said before, this is an ongoing matter and a meeting is soon to take place in the highlighted areas to address the issues.

I am happy to announce that we now have two connected community hubs within the Middlewich area. They are Middlewich Methodist Church and Victoria Town Hall. Two open days were held for both of these hubs and were both very successful. It bought a lot of agencies together to better learn what services are available within the Middlewich area. I can honestly say that we have some unknown gems within the Middlewich community, and to name a couple: Middlewich Good Neighbours and Middlewich Additional Needs Network. These two provide a completely voluntary role within the community and commit time and effort towards helping others and bringing our community closer together.

We now have the opportunity, and the resources, to be able to provide information on our social media platforms. It has become apparent that people within the community prefer to voice their opinion using social media posts, rather than to actually make contact with us directly. If you are unhappy with the content, our actions, and what we are doing in the community, then please inform us as to what you feel we can do better. We are always welcome to the publics opinions which is why we offer regular beat meeting on a weekly basis.

Please if you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate in emailing both myself or Tony, we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Ollie.Hopwood@Cheshire.pnn.police.uk and Anthony.Lamon21609@Cheshire.pnn.police.uk

Ollie Hopwood - PCSO

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