Sharing Christmas Spirit . . .

Business today is often global and – even more often – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can have an office here in Middlewich, hand over to someone in the US who hands on to someone in Singapore and back to you. Your business need never stop.

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the spirit of the season. It may even mean that you can enhance your connections because you have a business, rather than use your business as an excuse to be busy doing too much because everyone else in business seems to be busy leading towards Christmas.

Ask yourself the following . . .

  • Do you take the time to connect with customers, suppliers, partners or even neighbouring businesses?

  • Do you even know what your neighbours do?

  • Does this time of year provide an opportunity for you to become more human in your business?

Think about where your business is. Whatever stage it is at, it is lonely if you are the one leading the business. Let’s face it, your employees have a job; you have a passion. Your customers have a need; you have an obligation. Your suppliers have a product or service; you have a need. It is essential that you have the best advice and support possible.

Are the five people closest to you the people that will challenge you and help you – and consequently your business – grow? If not, go and find them.

Find people you admire for what they have achieved and ask them how they did it. Invite them for coffee or lunch this month and pick their brains. Most people love talking about their business, or more importantly, what they have done to get where they are.

Do you know what your neighbouring businesses do? Invite them over and share some Christmas spirit. Ask them “Who are you looking to connect with?” You never know, you might just know that person or have an easy way to develop a connection for them.

Christmas and the hand of friendship can be a great excuse to start connections. Why not try it, you never know where it might take your business.

Alison Roylance-White

The Chalis Partnership

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