Spring Clean our Business’ Energy

Changing your work environment and your motivation will change the energy of your business. The buzz it brings can be the best feeling there is, but what other impacts does it have?

If someone asked every employee in your business, independently and confidentially, “how much fun do you have at work”, or “how is the morale right now at your job”, what would the answer be? Not what you hope the answer to be, but what would every employee’s confidential feedback be?

Have you ever been in a business, a store or coffee shop, on the phone with someone and you get the feeling they would rather be doing something else? Does that make you want to be a loyal client to them or to tell all your friends to stay away?

Your team’s motivation is such a crucial piece of the puzzle. Your business culture has its own reputation and that reputation spreads. If your motivation is rocketing, not only will people want to be your customers, they will want to be your suppliers and it will help bring on more talented future employees.

When motivation is good, work is fun. When work is fun, life is fun.

Get back in love with your business. Remember what you’re fighting for, what you all fight against, why you started the business and understand what business you are really, really in.

Give your environment a face lift – inside and / or outside. Reorganise your desk, reorganise your whole office! Do something fun together as a team – do it with your customers. Find a cause that suits what you do and have a fun day out together. The PR it may bring will be priceless and you will stand out above your competitors.

Changing your motivation comes from within. We can only motivate ourselves so as a business leader, the transformation starts with you. Open the door and make your business fun again.

Alison Roylance-White, The Alpha Group

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