Systems will save your business

Developing the right systems for your business means that your business could run flawlessly even if you were dead!

A bit melodramatic? One of my first bosses used to talk about “spending the day reading the paper with his feet on the desk”. That was his version of get the right systems and processes in place, everyone knows what they are doing and then the business will run regardless of what you are doing.

If you are planning to increase your business and it starts to increase quickly, you could easily blow new opportunities out of the water because everyone is scrambling around like headless chickens and nothing gets done. Why would you let that happen?

There is an art and a science to building systems and processes for EVERYTHING in your business. Sounds silly, but you even need to create a process for improving every process in your business and the process for your team to follow that will help you build it.

Everything you do needs to be about the systems, not the people.

Start by extracting all the information inside of your head and your team’s heads. Get it all out, captured and recorded. You could write it all down or even use videos to capture what is actually happening versus what we remember happens.

Can you imagine if the questions you get asked by staff or the amount of times you figure out what to do in a situation gets reduced by about 85%-95%? Would that affect how many hours YOU need to physically be at your business? Create the resources they need to do it on their own. Give them Q & As, step by step tutorials, clearly explained instructions and other easy to follow guides.

Begin to keep a journal of everything you do. Every task you do - write it down. Every question you get asked - document it. EVERYTHING needs to be recorded. Then, after you have made a record of all the things that you have been doing all day, you will know what happens to your time. Go through each line of those notes and decide right then and there if you will eliminate it, automate it, delegate it or outsource it.

If you outsource it or delegate it, write in the initials of the person who does it from now on. Do it for everything, other than the things you love to do and are really good at.

Do just this one thing and your entire life will change forever. Why would you not?

Alison Roylance-White, The Alpha Group

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