Who surrounds you?

Over the last couple of decades, one phrase has been said over and over, “you are a product of the five people around you”. That might sound strange but if we take a moment to think about it, it can make good sense.

How often are we caught up in a moment with others? Do we sometimes get involved in a flow of conversation on a topic and end up all passionately agreeing or even arguing? Upon reflection you were passionate in a way that does not normally suit your values and beliefs but at the time, it was so important.

If you can get into those situations in the short term, how would that impact our business and lives in the longer term?

To grow a business, there are multiple stages to go through. At the start up level, life is a steep learning curve, you may be working on your own and have friends and family supporting you. They will be there for you emotionally but not necessarily understand what or why you are developing your own business.

As your business grows and needs premises and staff, then you may get a business coach or mentor to help you keep moving forward and these will be specialists in their field. The emotional support is still needed but where you get that from may change.

On a recent business development course, being a product of the five people round you came up again. If you want your business to get to £100k turnover per year, find people who have achieved that and take them for lunch. You pay for it and pick their brains on topics that will help you. If you want to get to £500k, £1m or whatever level, use the knowledge of those that have done it before you to get that extra help, that extra understanding of what you need to do to succeed.

If you find people who want to achieve the same goals but in different industries,

set up a mastermind group and share issues. You will then get other insights into how to overcome them from the many eyes in the room, saving you from the stress and concerns of being stuck.

Use the skills and positivity of other like-minded individuals to keep you inspired. Surround yourself with positive people and watch your business flourish.

Alison Roylance-White

The Chalis Partnership

Business news

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