Work Experience

I don’t have much common sense. There, I said it. As a seventeen-year-old, I still struggle to operate a washing machine, and my cooking ability turns mealtimes into a game of Russian roulette. I say this, because skill comes with experience. And this translates into our future as young people in the world of work. We can do all the academic preparations under the sun, but nothing tests your ability to do a job like actually doing the job.

That’s where work experience becomes essential.

Not only does it give you a head-start in the line of work you wish to pursue, but offers an insight into what could become your future career.

For example, my work experience lead me to the local radio station, Dane Sound Radio.

Dane Sound is an internet based radio station for Holmes Chapel, Cranage and the surrounding area.

My friend James and I were lucky enough to get our own show every Monday at 6 till 8, the first of which aired recently. I would say it went well, but we were plagued by random interruption from Rod Stewart. But this helped us to learn. It taught us to fix our mistakes. But most importantly of all it taught us that work can be fun and gave us skills that we can carry into our careers.

And the same could happen for you. Work experience is like a foot in the door of your future.

Theo Stewart - Holmes Chapel 6th Form College

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